Saturday, June 13, 2009


Lessons I have learned about hiking:
  1. Forests regulate their own temperature, and therefore are nice and cool in the summer heat. The patchy areas between forests aren't, not even the shady spots.
  2. Bugbites and sun exposure are things your body adapts to over time.
  3. Surefootedness and stealth both come from leading with the toes.
  4. Wild animals are mostly scared of noisy humans.
  5. Avoid bear cubs.
  6. If you look closely at the ground, you will eventually notice tracks.
  7. Pack extra water if you're with a group. Someone else will be short.
  8. Machetes are handy, whether or not you brought a knife.
  9. Knives are handy, whether or not you brought a machete.
  10. Lightning does actually strike. It can also hit more than one person at once.
  11. Humans have better peripheral vision, hearing, and sense of smell than commonly realized. They just have an annoying habit of ignoring them.
  12. Trail blazes are really useful.
  13. Have a first aid kit; whether you're hiking alone, with a buddy, or with a group, not having one around is an invitation for disaster.
  14. If you don't feel spiderwebs, someone else was already through here today.
  15. Walking sticks are very much optional, but somehow always seem handy when you have one.
  16. The deadliest mushroom in North America looks really innocuous.

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